Peter Hopkins is a 25 year old

artist living and working in

Brooklyn, NY


He has a BFA in

Photo & Imaging from NYU 


Peter has partnered with  

publications like DJ Booth,

 POND Magazine

and Empire Taste to create designs, 

illustrations and animations 

for stories and interviews.


He has exhibited photo and drawing

work at the Living

Gallery in Bushwick and the Con

Artist Collective in Manhattan


He is also the co-founder of the

Wolfman Museum of Art,

a website and virtual

space free to the public,

home to artwork and useful web

commodities such as

public archives, educational

courses, and livestreams from

around the world.

Find it here: wolfmanmuseum.org


Please e-mail


for any questions




Dates of Production:



-Misc. Designs (2016-17)



-Illustration (2014-'16)

-Misc. Portraits (2013-17)

-Figure (2014-17)

-US Presidents (2016-17)

-Baseball Cards (2016-17)



-Kids (2014-'15)

-New York (2013-'17)

-Storefronts (2012)

-Money (2014)



-People (2016-17)

-Animals (2016)